Royalty Free Music for Photography Websites

So you want to add music to your website to get your clients in the mood as they take a look at your work and read about you (and maybe make sure they’re smiling and bobbing their heads as they start to check out your pricing…)

Music for photography websitesJust as you don’t want people nabbing your photographs and using them without proper permission, music falls under similar copyright guidelines. You can’t just upload your favorite CD to iTunes and use it on your website. What you need is royalty-free music. This is music that you can license to use over and over without having to pay a royalty to the artist or producer each time it is played. Where might a professional photographer obtain such music? Well, we’ve put together a handy list of resources for just that purpose…

Ear Candy Digital

  • Geared specifically towards photographers, so you can quickly search for music that is compatible for different event types (weddings, children, etc)Offers paid download of songs for your use on website, etc
  • Lifetime licenses, if you’d like a completely original music track, there is an option to buy the rights to your own music
  • One website per license
  • Most songs are $24.99, or 4 songs for $75
  • PayPal payments and instant download

Music Bakery

  • Lifetime license
  • $29 and up per song, or whole CD’s available starting at $77
  • Instant downloads
  • Sorted by Purpose, Genre, and Mood for easy searching
  • Large selection

Broken Joey Records

  • Lifetime unlimited use license
  • Best for vocal tracks
  • Best deals: $55 for songs with vocals, $10 for instrumentals
  • 20% discount for active PPA members
  • Must create an account
  • Must link to their site from your website
  • A little harder to search, but extensive selection

Triple Scoop Music

  • Boast high quality music from Grammy and Emmy winning artists
  • Vocal and instrumental tracks available
  • $60 per son
  • Lifetime single-user license
  • One website domain per license (can also use your selection for slideshows, client CDs, etc)
  • Instant download, but must create an account

True Tone Productions

  • 1 year license (must renew annually)
  • $48 per song, with incremental discounts if you buy multiple songs
  • Small selection, but less overwhelming than sites with many choices

Jewel Beat

  • Completely free downloads
  • Music loops, generally 30 seconds, then repeat
  • Dramatic music (think action or sci-fi movie preview)
  • Must link to their website
***Note that ShootProof does not currently (August, 2012) have music integration with our proofing galleries. We suggest using royalty-free music as a tool on your own website for marketing and booking new clients.