Photographer Print Pricing: Data-Driven Guidelines

The concept of pricing is a mystery for many photographers. Often, a new photographer will base his or her prices on one of a few things: what other photographers are charging, what he or she personally would pay, or a blanket markup decided solely on what “feels” or “sounds” right. While our MBA-holding counterparts would likely be concerned by this, it’s a reality in the industry that pricing is based less on cold, hard data than it probably should be.

So, we set out to offer some guidance. While there are countless guides and advice columns written, all offering varying levels of advice and expertise, we decided to look at what was right in front of us: Facts. We analyzed hundreds of thousands of online sales through ShootProof from around the world, and it was quickly apparent that some trends in pricing were undeniable.

ShootProof Pricing for Photographers - Infographic

Because of this, we’ve updated the default prices on brand new price sheets in your ShootProof account. Now, when you make a brand new price sheet, you’ll see suggested prices based on our research on the size, quantity, and profitability of items sold. As you’re exploring, remember: look at your own market, the type of photography you shoot, and your cost of doing business. While our price suggestions are based on research, they’re just that: suggestions.

Of course, pricing is still always in your control.  You can rest assured that the prices on your existing price sheets aren’t changing.

Already have a successful pricing strategy that’s working well for your business? Keep it! Not sure where on earth to begin? Don’t have a lot of time to get set up? Let us help! When you create a new price sheet, you’ll see prints, canvases, and metals, with helpful pricing already in place.


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