New Referral Program & Archiving

Got photos? Got friends?  You can now archive them for even less than ever. (Your photos, not your friends.)

And, even better, you now earn FREE archiving space by referring your friends to ShootProof!  (Nice to be rewarded for something you already do, right?)

Every time you refer a friend to ShootProof and your referral completes his or her first paid billing cycle, you’ll both receive 1GB of Archiving space, completely free!  The extra archiving space stays with your account as you change plans and never expires. It’s just our little way of saying thanks for referring other photographers to ShootProof!

lower price archiving

New Lower Price for Archiving

We’ve reduced the archiving cost from $0.10 to just $0.04 per gigabyte! You can securely back up thousands of photos for just pennies per month.



Easy Upload & Organization 

With one click, you can archive your full resolution images (up to 28MB per image) and ShootProof’s cloud will save all of your client gallery information. Downloading your files again just as easy.



Keep Your Files Safe & Secure

Archiving your photos with ShootProof is 400 times more reliable than simply backing up your files on a typical hard drive.



See for yourself how little it costs to keep your photos secure with our handy Archiving Calculator. 

Ready to get started earning FREE ARCHIVING SPACE with ShootProof? Open an free account now.

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