Maximizing Your Sales

Take your sales to the next level with ShootProof! Here are some quick tips and tricks that will help you maximize your sales while speeding up your workflow.


1a_ShootProof Six-01 Get people excited about their galleries and broaden your client base.

If you shoot at weddings or events, bring your iPad and download the free Event Emails iPad App to collect email addresses from the guests. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to notify ALL of them when the photos are ready for viewing, which gets your images in front of dozens of potential clients. Don’t have an iPad, or only shoot sessions on a smaller scale? Use the Pre-Registration mode on your galleries to get clients and their families on the short list for being notified once the photos are ready for viewing. It works the same way: visitors click the link to the gallery and are greeted by a warm message from you, letting them know they’ll get an email once it’s live.

iPad_Blog 1a_ShootProof Six-02 Use discounts and promotions to your advantage.

Promotions, sales, and discounts can be amazing incentives to help your clients finalize their purchases. On your price sheets, you can make a variety of different types of discounts: promo codes that give clients a flat dollar amount off, packages and group discounts, even discounts that reward shoppers who buy more. Remember to keep your incentives simple — confusing your clients is a surefire way to slow down the sales process. Also, use the expiration feature on your discounts (and your galleries) to encourage clients to focus on making a decision and a timely purchase.


1a_ShootProof Six-03 Use emails as educational tools to encourage clients to place orders.

It’s a no-brainer that emails are a great way to communicate with clients. But done right, emails can also be a great tool for keeping your clients in-the-know about upcoming sales and promotions, about galleries that might be expiring, and about reasons they should buy certain products from you. Use a pleasant tone, remember to spell- and grammar-check, and keep your messages short and sweet to capture fading attention spans. On the Gallery Visitors page, you can always email groups of gallery visitors (visitors who have items in their carts, visitors who haven’t placed an order yet, visitors who have selected favorites, etc.)  You can also use email templates so that you aren’t re-inventing the wheel each time you have a new client to chat with. (Better yet? Set up automated emails so that those templates can be sent on your behalf without you even thinking about it!)

emaildropwdnHere are some examples of emails you can send your gallery visitors:

  • Explain to your clients why prints are always better when ordered through a professional (as opposed to the local discount store).
  • Announce a special sale, promotion, or promo code, and remind clients about gallery expiration dates.
  • Ask visitors who have items sitting in their carts if they need help checking out or placing their orders.
  • Send clients a sweet thank you note after they make a purchase.

1a_ShootProof Six-04 Create easy marketing tools with Mobile Apps. 

Word-of-mouth referrals are key, but they still can be hard to come by when the market is chock full of photographers. Stand out visually and give your clients something they can talk about by creating Mobile Apps! Choose up to 40 photos and easily create a digital photo album that clients download to their phones and tablets. Include links (to your blog? to your About page? to a YouTube video you want all of your potential clients to view?) and of course, your brand colors.

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Comment below: What successes have you found when growing your business? What are some tried and true sales techniques that might help other photographers that are just starting out?


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