Focus on What Matters Most

We’re a company made up of people. We’re real humans, with wishes, and hopes, and dreams. We’re photographers, designers, programmers, and writers. We’re creatives and intellectuals and social butterflies and homebodies. We’re thinkers, planners, go-getters. We have ideas, and thoughts, and fears.

We’re like you. We go home every night, our minds full and our bodies tired. We’re greeted by the sloppy kisses of our pets and the inviting smell of dinner cooking on the stove. We curl up on worn-in sofas to read a good book and we spend “just five more minutes” tickling our little ones before bed. We rub the sleep from our eyes in the morning, plan our days, think about what kind of good we can do in the world, and worry about the never-ending To Do lists plastered on sticky notes.  We’re mothers and fathers and sons and daughters. Sometimes, we pack our days so full of tasks and meetings and emails that we forget to slow down.



The Focus on What Matters Most campaign touches us all. It’s an invitation to remember that what you do is important, even when it feels like you’re running in circles. It’s a reminder to appreciate where life has taken you and it’s encouragement when you feel like you’ve hit a dead end. It’s a way to reflect on your “why,” on the reason you do what you do every day, on the people and places and things that make you YOU.

Our team believes in community. We believe in artists and small businesses and hard work. We believe in family and friends and laughter. We are excited to bring this new campaign to the people who matter most to us, our photographers. And we’re dedicated to working every day to give you the tools that will help you focus on what matters most in your life.

You’re invited to participate in our Focus on What Matters Most campaign. We’ll send you a goodie to use when you take a snapshot of what’s important to you. Share your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #focusonwhatmattersmost, and let the world take a peek at who you are and what you love. Sign up here:

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